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September 2020

This term our topic is ‘Toys’. Using the text ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’ we will explore and write our very own adventure story. We will be discovering all about toys from the past and comparing the similarities and differences to today’s toys. This will be linked to our Science topic of Materials. We will then apply our knowledge of materials to Design and Technology and make our own toy with wheels. In RE, we will be learning about Christians and their daily lives. During Maths lessons, we are focusing on developing our sense of number by being able to instantly recognise numbers up to 10 without counting.


October 2020

Year One have been thoroughly enjoying discovering all about our very own toy Museum and what toys were like in the past. We have been reading a range of adventure stories such as Dogger, Lost in the Toy Museum, and Whatever Next. We have been planning and writing some stories of our own. In Maths, we have been becoming experts at subitising. This is where we recognise the number of objects in a small group without the need to count them. We have also been exploring ideas to create our very own moving toys with wheels and axles. We are looking forward to using these skills to make our very own toys.


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