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September 2020

This half term, our topic will be Our Town where we will be learning about the history of Chatteris. We will be exploring how Kingsfield Primary School came to be through the joining of King Edward School and Burnsfield School. In English, we will be learning about folk tales, through the text “A Necklace of a Raindrops”. Our writing will include instructions, letters and diary entries. In Maths, we will be looking at place value of numbers up to 100 and begin to understand how to solve addition and subtraction calculations. In Science, our topic is Everyday Materials, where we will be investigating a range of materials and their uses in everyday life. We will be looking at Christianity in R.E, including the life of Jesus. Our focus in PSHCE will be friendships, where we will be identifying reasons for being a good friend.


October 2020

Year Two have been thoroughly enjoying learning about the history of Kingsfield Primary School. We have learnt that it used to be two separate schools – King Edward Junior School and Burnsfield Infant School. We have been fascinated by the changes that have happened in school, especially the difference in desks, uniforms and how the lessons have changed. They have written a comparison explaining how Kingsfield Primary School is different to King Edward School. We have also walked round the school and observed which features of our school today look the same and which parts have changed, for example the swimming pool is now a five senses garden for Reception children.


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