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Have arrived safely. Lovely ferry trip and now ready to explore a very sunny Carisbrooke Castle

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Despite the hot weather, it was lovely to see so many Kingsfield pupils and parents making such a wonderful effort at the Chatteris Midsummer festival: not just for the Kingsfield procession, but also representing many different clubs and organisations within the locality – it really was a celebration of community. Thank you to all those involved. 

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What a fantastic day it was!  The sun  shone, there was lots to do, lots to eat and an excellent turnout.  A big thank you to the PTA for organising  the event and  also to everyone who helped and supported the event.

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We had 2 GB athletes visit yesterday. The athletes were Marilyn Okoro (800m and 4x400m relay) and Richard Buck (400m)  British track and field athletes, both have represented GB in the Commonwealth, Olympics and World Championships.  The day was very inspiring starting off with an assembly to get to know the athletes stories and then the children enjoyed a training session with the athletes.

Ath2 Ath1


On Friday 20th April, 10 Year 4 children took part in a football tournament.  They all proudly represented the school showing great team spirit and great stickability.  It was wonderful to see them support each other and enjoy the whole experience of taking part in a sporting competition representing the school.  

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