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On Thursday 27th June a team of year 4 children played a friendly football match against Earith School.  It was one of the most exciting sporting games of the school year!  The children fought like warriors for the whole game, especially in the last quarter.  They never gave up and showed fantastic determination and team spirit.  The children should be incredibly proud of their achievements and represented the school demonstrating skill and true sportsmanship.  We look forward to our next friendly hopefully in the new academic year.

On Thursday 16th May children in years 3 and 4 had a skipping day. Each class had a session teaching the traditional skill of skipping.  It was amazing to see the progression through the sessions.  At the beginning the majority of children found it quite challenging to be able to skip with a rope.  Various coaching tips were given and different work stations were set up to enable children to be able to practise key skills for them to be able to master the skill of skipping.   Through the children’s determination and perseverance children improved their personal skipping ability and had lots of fun along the way!

On Friday 29th March, 8 Year 6 children attended the annual Fenland High 5’s event at Cromwell School. The children had been busy training for the event and had made some secret tactics to help keep possession of the ball! The competition took place in stages and after a nervous start we finished with 2 defeats, 2 draws and 2 wins. In the last game all their hard work paid off and goal after goal slid through the net making the team and teachers very proud. The children demonstrated great teamwork and passion, never deflated and always wanting to try and improve on their last performance.

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Alongside the excitement of the competition we were also very fortunate to see the arrival of Princess Anne. All matches stopped and the children enthusiastically waved and watched as the helicopter landed on the school field next to the netball courts.


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On Monday 11th March KS 1 took part in a Playground Games Activity Day.  Each class was involved in a round robin session where there were 5 games set up for them to play and learn.  The games the children played were called 'Toilet Flush', 'Beanbag Circle Game', 'Cat and Mouse', 'Octopus' and 'Jack and  the Giant'.   Some Year 5 children were trained as activity leaders to support each activity.  The children had lots of fun working together, learning new games and adapting and following rules to the games to make sure they were fair.  


On Friday 1st March 8 children represented the school in the Fenland Stacking Cups Competition at Neale Wade, in March.  The children had been busy practising their speed stacking for the past 5 weeks in an after school club in preparation for the tournament.
The children had to compete against 5 other schools in the 3-3-3, 3-6-3 individual speed stacking challenge, team relay, doubles, full cycle challenge (hardest stack of all) and a team tower challenge which was new this year. 
We successfully came 1st for the cycle and 2nd in the 3-3-3 and 3-6-3 challenge which the children and we were extremely proud of.
If you would like to see examples of these different stacking cup formations there are lots of examples on Youtube.  Encourage your child to start practising because we look forward to taking part in the tournament again next year!

On Friday 8th February, 12 Year 6 children attended the annual Fenland Quicksticks event at Cromwell School.  The children were very excited about representing the school and were filled with excitement, nerves and huge enthusiasm on the morning of the event!  They proudly wore our new t-shirts and braved the stormy weather.  The children demonstrated great teamwork and after each game discussed and reviewed what went well and reflected what they needed to work on for their next game.  Everyone pushed themselves to achieve their best and never gave up.  They should all be extremely proud of their performances on the day.

On Thursday 31st January we ran a Key Stage 2 Speed Stacking competition.  The children were put into coloured groups and throughout the day each class worked in teams to complete various different speed stacking challenges in relays.

Children had to work on developing their teamwork skills; supporting one another, working together to achieve their best.  It was wonderful to see the children celebrate each other’s’ successes and also encouraging and showing respect to one another when they made mistakes or didn’t win at an event.   Through the Speed Stacking competition children demonstrated determination, approaching the team event with a positive attitudes and a resilience to succeed and personally improve their individual skills.

The event finished with a celebration assembly and the results of the competition being announced!

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