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Hazelgo Maplego

Our Class Teacher is Mrs MacNeil

  Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Cutting, Mrs Petriello  

    Our Class Teacher is Mrs Edmond

       Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wheedon, Mrs Palmer



This week in English we have continued looking at the story, 'The Magic Paintbrush'. The children
have used the magic paintbrush again to this time paint a scary monster to frighten the evil, greedy
emperor! The children have also started to use their phonics knowledge to label their monsters.

In phonics we have been reading and writing words that have the 'ai', 'ee', 'oa' and 'oo' sounds in
them. We have also introduced the tricky words 'one, 'little', 'do' and 'when' and recapped the words,
' do', 'and' and 'when'.

In the role play area we have set up a ‘Toy Shop’ to support the maths activity this week. We have
been looking at money. Firstly, recognising coins and then discussing their values. Next week we will
continue to focus on money and pretend buying things from the shop. If you have time you could
practise using some coins at home.

This week we have had a busy week! Mrs Edmonds’ class performed their class assembly on Thursday and Mrs MacNeil's class are busy practising ready for their big performance next week. We also celebrated Pancake Day on Tuesday. The children thoroughly enjoyed having a pancake race and trying to toss pancakes. They enthusiastically cheered each other along as
they tried to stop their pancakes falling onto the floor.

DSCF1369 340
In English we have continued to look at the story, ‘The Magic Paintbrush’. Children made great predictions about what the main character, Shen, was going to paint with her magic paintbrush and then they used our magic paintbrush to paint something for the poor.

In Maths we have been counting and recognising numbers out of sequence. The children have also been comparing amounts and counting sets of objects remembering to only count one object at a time. If you have any spare time at home the children have also been practising writing their numbers to 20, which they could also practise at home, remembering to form their
numbers correctly.

This week in English we have started to look at a new book, 'The Magic Paintbrush' by Julia Donaldson. On Monday the children discovered a present and inside the present was a paintbrush and a note explaining to the children, 'I give this gift of a magic paintbrush to you. Use it only to do good for the poor’.

Paintbrush 340

We have been revising Phase 3 phonics and using these sounds to write words and to try and create simple sentences. If you would like to see what sounds are in phase 3 please look at and you will find lots of resources for phase 3.

In Maths we have been practising counting and writing numbers thinking about the formation of the numbers. We have also been looking at pattern, continuing given patterns and then trying to create some themselves.


In English this week we have been making a class book about a character called ‘Cod Benson’ who is very shy, like
the character from our book ‘Halibut Jackson’. We wrote a story based along the same theme as Halibut Jackson
just changing parts of the story to make it our own. The children were great at thinking of new ideas and helping
illustrate the book. They also worked hard at trying to segment and blend words to create sentences.

In Maths we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have been ‘Shape Spies’ inside and outside and also
trying hard to describe shapes and find similarities and differences between them. We all had lots of fun drawing
shapes in the flour and making shape monsters.

In phonics we have continued to revise and assess phonics knowledge and been busy practising forming our letters
correctly whilst writing tricky words.

Remember over the half term if you have time keep sharing books and encouraging your child to read as the more
they practice the more confident they will become.

In English this week we have continued to look at the book, 'Halibut Jackson'. We have been talking about feelings and what you can do to try and be more confident. Children will be starting to write a short letter to offer advice on what to do if you feel shy.

In Maths we have been looking at weighing and comparing the length of different objects. The children had lots of fun cooking and decorating gingerbread ‘Halibut Jacksons’. They experienced weighing and measuring different quantities to make their biscuits.

In Phonics children have now been sent home their phase 4 ‘tricky words sheet’. If these haven't made it home or you need another copy please just ask a member of the Reception team and they will get you one. We have also been revising and assessing children's knowledge of all the sounds and tricky words they have learnt so far.

On Tuesday we celebrated Chinese New Year, the children experienced eating noodles, egg fried rice, vegetable spring rolls and prawn crackers. They also wrote their names using the Chinese alphabet and made Chinese lanterns. Great excitement erupted as the children tried on the Chinese dancing dragon costume!

chinese 340

In English this week we have started our new class book, 'Halibut Jackson'. The book is about a
character called Halibut Jackson who is very shy. He would prefer not to be noticed at all. But he loves to
make his own suits, especially suits that help him blend into the background. He has a flowered suit for
the park, a book-patterned suit for the library, and a fruit-adorned suit for the shops. But mostly he stays
indoors. When Halibut is invited to a party at the palace, he's too shy to go, until he decides to make a
palace-patterned suit. "No one will even notice me!" he thinks. Except that it's a garden party . . .
and everyone notices Halibut. Soon, he's the most popular guy in town, thanks to his skills with a needle
and thread, and his fabulous fashion sense. The children are really enjoying the amazing illustrations in
the book.

download 340
In Maths children have been using positional language to follow instructions to find a cheeky monkey
that likes to hide in the classroom or hiding it themselves and giving instructions for someone else to find

In Phonics we have looked at the sounds, 'ear', 'ow', 'oi' and 'air'. The tricky words we have continued to
look at are 'some' and 'come'.

Over the next week your child should be coming home with a school library book as well as their reading
book. Your child will visit the library throughout the term to choose and change their book. The idea is
that this is a book for you to share with your child to develop their love of reading. We hope you have
fun sharing your child's library book.

In English this week we have continued to look at our story, 'I am Henry Finch'. We have been changing negative
thoughts into positive thoughts and thinking about things we are good at and how we can be kind to one another.
We have started to create our own posters for Henry Finch to help him have positive thoughts.

In Maths children have had the opportunity in busy learning time to practise their addition skills by creating simple
calculations using beads and pipe cleaners. In teaching time we have moved onto looking at subtraction and have
been working out simple problems involving taking away.

DSCF1021 340

In Phonics we have looked at the sounds, 'or', 'ar', 'oo' and 'ur'. The tricky words we have continued to look at are
'have' and 'like'. Remember whenever you are sharing a story with you child point out any sounds you think they
know so they can become familiar with seeing sounds in text.

Please could we ask you to send in spare clothes, socks and underwear for your child, even if you feel your child
doesn't need any, it is amazing ways they can find to get wet!! Our supplies are running low, if your child has
forgotten their spare clothes and we have sent them home in school garments could you wash them and bring
them back. Many thanks for your continued support

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