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Hazelgo Maplego

Our Class Teacher is Mrs MacNeil

  Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Cutting, Mrs Petriello  

    Our Class Teacher is Mrs Edmond

       Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wheedon, Mrs Palmer



The children have been having lots of fun outside enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. We have been talking
about signs of autumn and the changes that happen. If you go on a family walk and discover a sign of autumn your
child is very welcome to bring it in to share.

In English this week we have been continuing to make ‘Wild Things’ the children have used their phonics knowledge
to name them. We have been enthusiastically learning lots of new sounds and matching the sound to a song to help
us remember what sound the letter makes. If you would like to help your child learn their sounds you can find the
songs and actions on 'You tube' under the title, 'Phase 2 Jolly Phonics Songs'. If you have any questions about this
please come and see a member of the Reception team who will be happy to help.

In Maths we have been continuing to count objects to match numbers and we have also been ordering numbers and
trying to find missing numbers.

The children are settling in really well and learning all their new routines, becoming more independent and confident in their new surroundings. Thank you to everyone who has already brought in some welly boots to keep at school. The weather is starting to change so could we remind you that your child will need these boots to go outside when it is wet.

In English we have continued to look at the book 'Where the Wild Things Are'. The role play home corner has changed into ‘The Wild Things Cave’ and the children have enjoyed re-enacting the story and pretending to be Wild Things! We have made up songs, dances and made crowns so they could be ‘King of The Wild Things’.   In phonics we have been studying the phonemes s, a, t, p, i and n.

In Maths we have been continuing to focus on number recognition looking at ‘Snappy Six’, ‘Spotty Seven’ and ‘Amazing Eight’. We also been singing lots of number songs: ‘Ten in a Bed’, ‘5 Speckled Frogs’, ‘5 Little Ducks’ and ‘5 Currant Buns’.

Wow!  What a busy week! The children were shocked to come into school on Wednesday to discover that something had been in our classrooms during the night.  There were footprints going up the wall and fur left behind,  we also discovered a sack full of exciting things!  We worked out that the sack belonged to ‘Sam’ but we didn't know who Sam was.  The children explored everywhere, trying to see if they could find him but found nothing except lots more fur in the woods!  We are still trying to work out who Sam is; we think he may be linked to the book we are looking at this week, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

In Maths we have been recognising numbers and giving them names linked to our Number Zoo scheme.   This week we have covered Greedy Zero, Sliding Penguin One, Ticklish Two, Butterfly Three and Feathery Four!  We have also been counting set amounts to match numbers.



Below are some of the activities from 2017-2018

We were very proud of all the children in Reception last week for taking part in Sports Day. They demonstrated
fantastic sportsmanship showing motivation, stickability, co-operation and impressing us all with their sporting

In English this week we have been looking at the story, ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ and ‘The Secret Path’. The children
enjoyed predicting the story by looking at the pictures. In writing this week we have focused on writing sentences,
thinking about letter formation, finger spaces and full stops to end the sentences.

In Maths this week we have been looking at odd and even numbers and adding doubles. The children are getting
very good at explaining their thinking and discussing why mathematical answers are right or wrong.

Last week we looked at the book ‘Ivy and the Lonely Rain Cloud’. On Wednesday we were very lucky to have the author of this book (Katie Harnett) come and visit us. The children listened intently as she read the story and discussed how she came up with all the ideas to create her book. She shared her sketches and all her original paintings and then described to the children how the book was made. After we shared her story she explained how we were going to create a class picture based around it. The children all created their own flowers and then used chalks and pastels to draw minibeasts around them.

DSCF9423 web

DSCF9445 web

DSCF9448 web

We also got very excited to discover our 5 beautiful butterflies had hatched out of their chrysalises.
On Thursday we released them into the garden so they could be free and enjoy the sunshine and all the
beautiful flowers. This week we also said goodbye to our little froglets and Mrs Weedon took them back to
her pond so they could be free in the wild too.

DSCF9457 web

DSCF9465 web

The children have been very excited to discover that over the weekend our caterpillars had turned into chrysalises: we transferred the wiggling chrysalises into a net and are eagerly awaiting them to transform into butterflies. We have also been busy in the garden this week: Mrs Weedon worked with some children to harvest our crop of potatoes! We then cooked the potatoes and the children all had the opportunity to eat them!

DSCF9375 web

DSCF9378 web DSCF9351 web

In English we have been looking at the book ‘Mad about Minibeasts’! We have been detectives listening to clues about minibeasts and then trying to guess which minibeast the description fits. We have also been focusing on rhyming words, identifying them in the text and also playing games to help the children identify words that rhyme. In Maths the children have been looking at weight, exploring and estimating the weight of various objects around the Reception area.

DSCF9391 web

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