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Hazelgo Maplego

Our Class Teacher is Mrs MacNeil

  Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Cutting, Mrs Petriello  

    Our Class Teacher is Mrs Edmond

       Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wheedon, Mrs Cutting




Phonics and Reading


The children in Reception have had a really exciting week. On Tuesday they focussed on the Hindu Festival, ‘Diwali’. They found out it was the festival of light and we made little candle holders out of clay, decorated ‘Rangoli’ patterns and decorated hands in with mehndi patterns.

On Thursday it was Pumpkin Day! We read the book ‘Pumpkin Soup’, carved out pumpkins and discussed what was inside. Once the pumpkins were all scooped out, we made Pumpkin Soup which all the children tasted. We also sang Pumpkin Songs and printed 5 little pumpkins!

pumpkin soup 340
On Monday we hope to walk to ‘Jacks’ to buy some ingredients for our cooking project on November 5th. We also hope to start getting changed for PE next week so please make sure children have their PE kits in school all week. If you need any information on what your child will need for PE please come and speak to a member of the Reception staff.

In phonics this week we have been looking at rhyming words. We have tried to make words using the rhyming patterns; at, an, in and en. If you have time you can find lots of rhyming songs on You Tube to help your child gain a greater understanding of words that rhyme.

In English we have been very busy and the children have written their own version of the story, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. They have been using tricky words and their phonics knowledge to write simple sentences.DSCF7863 340                           DSCF7864 340

In Maths we have been comparing numbers. Children have been ordering numbers, sorting numbers into bigger or smaller than a given number and making teen numbers using a number fan.

What a busy week we have had! On Tuesday we had our Harvest Celebration and it was lovely to see so many parents and carers in the hall to watch the assembly. Thank you for all the donations that were given for the Harvest collection. On Thursday afternoon we had a trip to the local library. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and seem very keen to go again so please take them along to Register.

In English we have continued with our book, 'Where the Wild Things Are'. The children have made wild thing faces and then used their phonics sounds to give them names. We have also been practising segmenting and blending letters to read all the different names.

DSCF7799 340

In Maths we have been naming and describing 2D shapes. We have made ourselves ‘shape spotters’ in the classroom.

In phonics we have been looking at the sounds f,l,b and ss. We have been trying hard to try and make simple words using 3 letters and then modelling, segmenting and blending them to work out the word. Some of the words children made up were silly, nonsense words and others were real words.

We have been busy practising all week for next week’s Early Years Harvest Assembly which takes place on Tuesday 8th October at 10.30am. Please note we can only have two adults per child because of fire regulations. Pre School children will only be taking part if they normally attend on a Tuesday morning session.  Please come through the main entrance via the office. We look forward to seeing you at our Harvest Celebration!

In English we have continued to base our work around the story ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Our role play corner was transformed this week into a 'Wild Thing' cave. It has been very entertaining seeing the children transform themselves into ‘Wild Things’! Also we have been making Wild Things and giving them names by using our phonics.

DSCF7711 340

In Maths we have been ordering numbers and trying to randomly recognise them. Children have also enjoyed finding missing numbers when numbers have been turned over in a number line. Next time you are on a walk you could go on a number hunt and look for numbers in your local environment or home. If you find any, please ask your child to share them with us.

In phonics we have been looking at the sounds; r,u,h and e. Children have also chosen a library book this week to share with you at home.

It was lovely to see so many parents at the 'Meet the Teacher' meeting on Monday. If you were not able to make it and would like to discuss what was covered in the meeting please come and see either Mrs Edmond or Mrs MacNeil.

In maths we have continued to learn and understand the value of numbers by using the ‘Number Zoo’ and singing number related songs.

It has been an exciting week in Reception as we had a secret visitor sneak into the room called ‘Sam’. We don't know who or what Sam was, but he left us a book called, 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. The children got very excited and demonstrated that they have wonderful imaginations! For the next few weeks we will be basing a lot of our work around this story. The story is about a mischievous boy called Max who didn't want to go to bed and then finds himself travelling to a faraway, mystical land full of monsters who roar and gnash their terrible teeth!

wild things

In phonics we have been looking at the letters; g,o,c and k. The children learnt a song to help them remember the sound the letter makes, they then had to think of things that have the initial letter sound and lastly attempt to write the focus letter. Our focus for phonics has been trying to hear and identify initial sounds in words.

This week in Maths we have started to introduce ‘Animal Zoo’, giving numbers to 10 animal names to help children recognise numbers and form them correctly. We have also been singing lots of number songs.

In phonics we have been looking at the letters; i, n, m and d. The children learnt a song to help them remember the sound the letter makes, they then think of things that have the initial letter sound and lastly attempt to write the focus letter. To help your child at home become more confident with their phonics you can ask them to think of things with specific initial sounds which we have looked at.

We have also been thinking about Autumn and how the outside area will start to change. If you go out for a walk this weekend and you spy any signs of Autumn please take a photo and we can add it to our Autumn display.


The Reception children have had a busy week and settled in really well to 'big school' and learning all the routines and expectations. We would like to say a great big ‘thank you’ to all parents for naming their child's belongings and making them look so smart on their first day at school. We understand the transition can be quite difficult for both children and parents, so if you have any concerns or worries do not hesitate to come and speak to one of the
Reception staff.

All the children have painted a self-portrait to brighten up our classrooms.

Heather1919 Heather2919

We have also started our phonic sessions this week focusing on the sounds; s,a,t and p. There will be a phonics meeting later on in the term to explain to you how we teach phonics in Reception. The children have also been sharing their, 'All About Me' books. If you lost yours over the holiday and would still like to do one please see your class teacher and they will give you another book for you to fill in.

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