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Hazelgo Maplego

Our Class Teacher is Mrs MacNeil

  Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Cutting, Mrs Petriello  

    Our Class Teacher is Mrs Edmond

       Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wheedon, Mrs Palmer



It has been lovely to see the sun shining this week and the children enthusiastically exploring, playing and creating learning opportunities in our outside area. Hopefully the sun is here to stay for a while so please could you remember to apply sun cream in the morning before they come to school and if you feel that it needs reapplying send it in a named bottle for them to apply themselves later on in the day. Please could children bring in sun hats and a water bottle so they can freely access water. We also have a lot more water play opportunities out in the Summer and children inevitably get wet when they are having fun, so a spare set of clothes is very useful too.

In maths this week we have been looking at capacity and have had fun predicting and testing which containers would hold the most and least liquid. It surprised a lot of children that the tallest container doesn't always hold the most liquid.

In English we have continued our book, 'Little Red'. We have now started to plan our own book by inventing a new character based around a new colour. Next week we look forward to writing out own version of Little Red based around the character they have invented.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, 'Little Red' and found it very amusing to discover how Grandma popped out of the wolf! Linked to our story, the children had the opportunity to taste some ginger beer. Some of them loved it and some disliked everything about it, especially the strong smell and sweet but fiery taste they sampled as they cautiously dipped their tongues in! After out tasting session we designed posters to advertise the ginger beer in our ‘role play Inn’.

In phonics we have been busy being ‘Phoneme Spotters’ which is something you can do at home when you are reading together. To be a phoneme spotter you must think of some focus phonemes and then as you are reading, see whether you can discover them in the text. After this you can then see what tricky words you can find in the text.

In Maths this week we have been looking at symmetry and been making symmetrical patterns. The children have been very good at describing and continuing these.

We would first of all like to say a huge thank you for your overwhelming support with filling the smartie tubes. We managed to raise £260 and can't wait to develop the mud kitchen area for the children to play in.

In English we have started a new book, 'Little Red' by Lynn Roberts. It is about a little boy called Thomas who is nicknamed Little Red and takes a basket of ginger ale to his grandmother when he stops to gather apples in the woods. Who should grab his red cape? none other than the wolf, who runs immediately to the grandmother's house to devour her and wait for Little Red to eat next! With a new, happily-ever-after spin on the story, the boy tricks the wolf into gulping down the entire ginger ale at once, which triggers the wolf to hiccup the grandmother out of his belly. Little Red gallantly overcomes the wolf and is the hero of the day!

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Linked to our story we have also changed our role play area into, 'The Old Belch Inn' which is where Little Red lives with his family. We look forward to seeing how the children adapt their play to this new area!

In maths we have been looking at the days of the week and thinking about what we do at different times of the day. We have also been working hard on number recognition and counting sets amount of objects.

The children have now finished their, 'Magic Paintbrush' books and tried really hard to write with increasing
independence using all their phonics knowledge.

In phonics we have been looking at the sounds, 'qu', 'ss', 'ff' and 'll'. We have also discovered that 'ph' makes
the same sound as 'ff' when we were being ‘phoneme spies’! We have also looked at the tricky words, 'have',
'like', 'some' and 'come'.

In Maths we have been looking at estimating, doubling numbers and solving simple mathematical problems.

On Friday afternoon the children were also really excited to discover the Easter Bunny had been to visit the
Reception area and left lots of little Easter Eggs! All 60 children worked as a team to hunt for the eggs and we
collected them altogether and shared them with everyone.

In English we have continued to write our own story based around our class book 'The Magic Paintbrush'. The children have been focusing on trying to use neat, well-formed letters and we can’t wait to share these stories with each other next week when they are finished.

In Maths we have been looking at addition and solving simple problems. Children have been using number lines and objects to find totals and missing numbers in number calculations. If you have time you could ask your child some simple addition word problems, eg. "Sam has 5 sweets and Jo has 3 sweets how many sweets do they have altogether?" "If I have 7 dogs how many more dogs do I need to make 10?"

In phonics we have been ‘Phoneme Spotters’ trying to find sounds and tricky words in texts. We have also been looking at the sounds, 'oi', 'ear', 'air' and 'ure'.

The children were also amazed to see the baby chicks in Year 1. They have learnt how to keep them healthy and take care of them. We have also been taking care of our tadpoles in Reception which are starting to grow bigger and bigger each day!

The children have been busy being involved with this year's STEM week thinking about 'Journeys’. We have been looking at everyday journeys: 'Slippery Slopes': predicting and then testing different household liquids to see how fast they move down a slope. 'Be seen, be safe': investigating the best and safest clothes to wear in the dark. We have also been looking at journeys through time in 'Make a time capsule'. We made a time capsule to see how the children will change over the next year. We also investigated 'Brain Hats' where we discovered how amazing our brains are and how they help us to remember things.

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In phonics we have been trying hard to write simple sentences using our phonics knowledge to phonetically sound out words. The children have been trying hard to remember capital letter to start their sentences, clear fingers spaces between words and punctuation to end their sentences.

The children have also been very excited about Mrs Weedon bringing in some frog spawn. They helped her clean the container and then have been taking it in turns to keep an eye on them!

This week in English we have continued looking at the story, 'The Magic Paintbrush'. The children
have used the magic paintbrush again to this time paint a scary monster to frighten the evil, greedy
emperor! The children have also started to use their phonics knowledge to label their monsters.

In phonics we have been reading and writing words that have the 'ai', 'ee', 'oa' and 'oo' sounds in
them. We have also introduced the tricky words 'one, 'little', 'do' and 'when' and recapped the words,
' do', 'and' and 'when'.

In the role play area we have set up a ‘Toy Shop’ to support the maths activity this week. We have
been looking at money. Firstly, recognising coins and then discussing their values. Next week we will
continue to focus on money and pretend buying things from the shop. If you have time you could
practise using some coins at home.

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