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Please come and join in the fun at our clubs 

Monday Stop motion club 3.00 - 4.30 Years 2,3 and 4
Thursday Christmas club 3.00 - 4.30 Years 3,4 and 5

Please contact the School office for more information
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 Stop Animation:
Week 1 the children watched stop animation videos so that they could see how  stop animation worked. They then brain stormed and used a story board to come up with a few ideas of their own.
Week 2 the children got to use the app on the stop animation app on the iPad and after some careful setting up on tripods the children were filming their little animated movies. They soon realised how long and it was going to take to make a 2 - 4 minute movie. The children used a lot of materials as well as toys, glitter, teddies, printed characters and props.
Christmas Club:
Week 1 the children rotated around 5 tables which was set uo with Christmas crafts for all abilities. We managed to make heart baubles, coloured in some festive colouring pages, cut and stick character boxes and origami Christmas characters. We was beginning to feel a little more festive!
Week 2 the children managed to make 3D wreaths, Christmas crackers filled with a chocolate bar and a joke, coloured in paper chains, decorated a 3D Christmas tree as lots lots more!
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IMG 1674 IMG 1676
Next week we will be making elf and father Christmas paper plate faces and 3D stand up cards!
Miss Murphy, Mrs Marshall and Mrs O'Neill would like to thank the children for a lovely 6 weeks of creativity, independence, motivation and it was lovely to hear positive comments from the children and parents.
See you at Christmas Club and stop motion club next week.
Cooking Club Wk 5/6
Last week the children put together red pepper and onion fritters and sweetcorn fritters. they made a batter and we fried them in a frying pan. They were nice dipped in the natural yogurt and sweet chilli dip!
On our final session we will be making Unicorn biscuits - edged in icing and sprinkles. The swirl in the biscuit looks very pretty and should taste yummy too!
cook151118 cook2151118 cook3151118
Craft Club Wk 5/6

We have been creating beautiful autumn trees pictures using bubble wrap printing, hedgehog origami, heart shapes to make a fox face with curly whiskers, pop-up rabbit face and we also collected leaves to make a wreath and lots lots more! 

craft1 craft2 craft3


Cooking Club 1.11.18
The children cored, peeled and chopped delicious apples (donated by Mrs Baker) into cubes and topped the apple crumble with buttery oaty topping. We even managed a custard to top the crumble. 
apples11118 cutting11118 baking11118
Next week is savoury week - we may make cheese scones or poppy seed and sun-dried tomato biscuits
The week after will be our last cookery club - we will be making unicorn biscuits which will be presented in a unicorn/bespoke box.
Look out for NEW CLUBS coming soon!! 
Craft Club 29.10.18
This week we have been creative with straws which we dipped into paint to create firework picture. We then sprinkled them with glitter which brought them to life! We also made tissue paper fire art work, 3D rockets and lots of themed colouring.
Cooking Club 18.10.18
We made cinnamon sugar puff pastry pin wheels, sun-dried tomato and cheese pin wheels which were placed in a paper plate basket and beef stock dog treats displayed in a dog kennel. 
The melting cheese aromas coming from the oven smelt delicious! 
We have had great feedback from parents to say that their child loves cooking club as she eats things that she wouldn't normally eat! The samosas and quiches were a hit and could they have the recipe!
cook2181018 cook1181018 cook3181018
Craft Club 15.10.18
Halloween Crafts were a hit this week. The messy table theme was 'BONES' where we used white art straws and black paper to create a skeleton, and they looked fab. They also designed their own paper pumpkin, cut out a pumpkin cube net and added scary eyes and mouth and finally monster bookmarks and colouring pages. 
The children shared some lovely comments with the staff over the passed few weeks
'Craft club is the best and I love it......'
'Thank you for letting us make great things'
Cooking Club 11.10.18

Cooking club children have been baking some yummy treats over the past 2 weeks. 

Children made delicious cupcakes with a twist.  Sponge mixture was baked in ice-cream wafer cones instead of paper cases and they looked just like ice-creams! The children especially loved adding the buttercream, sprinkles and of course a chocolate flake!

Week 2 was savoury week where we made vegetable samosas and used tortilla wraps folded in pockets as the pastry. They were accompanied by a fresh yogurt and cucumber dip. We also made tortilla wrap mini cheese quiches, which were perfect bite size. 

Next week we are making puff pastry pesto pin wheels, chocolate pin wheels and dog treats with a fun dog kennel box.

cook2 cook3 cook4
Craft Club 1.10.18
Today years 2, 3 and 4 had an arts and crafts session where they got to rotate onto each table that had a planned art activity for all ages and abilities.
Children enjoyed making pop up turtles, messy string art creations (some of which transformed into doves, butterflies and volcanoes), colouring bookmarks which later will be laminated and finally circle art which when painted with water colours looked incredible as they became planets!
craft111018 craft211018
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