Kingsfield Primary School

We believe every child is special


                                        Our Staff

   Executive Headteacher

Mrs Sian Pritchard

Assistant Heads

Mrs Bolton - Miss Candish


Mrs Sarah Amor

Teaching and Learning Manager

Miss Paula Candish

Phase Leaders

Mrs Clare Edmond – Pre School, Early Years

Mrs Karen Piper – Years 1, 2 and 3

Miss Paula Candish – Years 4, 5 and 6

Extended Schools Manager

Mrs Jennie-Ann Pritchard

Designated Persons for Child Protection

Mrs Sian Pritchard, Mrs Claudia Stephens, Mrs Jennie-Ann Pritchard

Year 6

Miss Paula Candish

Mr Vince Harvey

Year 5

Miss Angharad Thomas

Mrs Lucy Culyer

Year 4

Miss Stacy Corrigan

Miss Louise Payne

Year 3

Mrs Jennie Bolton

Mrs Cathy Mills

Mrs Emily Wright/Miss Laurie Lott

Year 2

Miss Ellie Reid

Miss Emma Rushmer

Year 1

Mrs Karen Piper

Miss Lucy Baker


Mrs Heather MacNeil

Mrs Clare Edmond

Early Years

Support Staff

Years 1,2 and 3

Support Staff

Years 4,5 and 6

Support Staff

Mrs Sandra Cutting (HLTA)

Mrs Kelly Petriello

Mrs Kathy Weedon



Mrs Susan Palmer

Mrs Tracy Baker

Ms Beverley O’Neill

Miss Shelbie Marshall

Miss Wendy Murphy

 Miss Andrea McKenzie

Mrs Mel Stanbridge

Mrs Clarissa Marshall

Miss Abigail Harvey

Miss Catherine Clark

Mrs Tracy Glendenning (HLTA)

Mrs Valerie Barbault (HLTA)

Mrs Susan Jenkins

Mrs Nicky Collins

Mrs Elaine Rickwood

Mrs Victoria Holt

Mrs Abbie Harvey

Mrs Anita Matthews

Miss Sarah McCullough

School Business Manager

Mrs Rebecca White

SEN / Finance Support

Mrs Karen Edgley

Family Care Manager

Mrs Claudia Stephens

Office Staff

Mrs Yvonne Wadlow - Office Manager

Miss Sarah Marsden - Admin Assistant

Pre School Staff / Extended School Staff

Mrs Jennie-Ann Pritchard – Manager (Extended School)

Miss Victoria Robinson

Mrs Larrae Abblitt

Mrs Gemma Calderwood

Miss Katherine O’Shea

Mrs Nicky Collins

Mrs Andrea McKenzie

Miss Lauren Kenning

Mrs Jodie Taylor

Mrs Monique Chilcott

Site Manager

Mr Bryan Stanbridge

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Michelle Dunstan

Mrs Kathy Silvester

Mrs Linda Samways

Mrs Kim Morton

Ms Emma Bays

Ms Clare Hedley

Miss Holly Warne

Mrs Melanie Stanbridge

Miss Cathy Clark

Mrs Marie Fox

Mrs Susan Palmer


Cleaning Staff

Catering Staff

Mrs Melanie Stanbridge

Mrs Marie Fox

Mrs Kim Morton

Miss Katherine O'Shea

Miss Sarah Marsden

Ms Rachel Brown (Catering Manager)

Ms Dawn Oldale

Ms Joanna Johns

Mrs Dawn Huggins

Mrs Jayne Miller

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