Kingsfield Primary School

We believe every child is special


                                  Year 1 Classes


Sycamoretogo Poplartogo

  Our Class Teacher is Mrs Piper

     Our Teaching Assistant is: Mrs Stanbridge   

Our Class Teachers are Mrs Rudderham and Mrs Mutter

       Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Marshall   



This week in Year 1 we have been busy watching the weather! Last week we had made rain gauges, so this week we were able to check the gauges and see how much rain had fallen. This week we used the anemometer to check the wind speed and then made colourful wind socks to check the wind direction. We hoped for snow all week but it never came!

In English we have all become authors and have wriiten a sequel to the book we have been studying by Jon Klassen - I want my hat back. Our versions are called I want my friend back and are all about friendship and forgiveness. We are very proud of what we have achieved as are our teachers who are particulary impressed by our punctuation, adjective use and the amount we have written.

In maths we have measured anything we could find using cubes, rulers, hands and even feet!

Finally in Art we have been learning to blend colours including tints and shades. We have learnt about the painter Kandinsky and have used our new colour mixing skills to create circle pictures in his style.

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