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Our Class Teacher is Miss Reid

   Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Marshall   

    Our Class Teacher is Miss Rushmere

       Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Baker




Joseph from Hawthorn Class did this amazing peice of writing at home comparing different types of trees. Amazing work Joseph!

JO Work x

This week, Hawthorn class have been doing some amazing writing about Moz the Monster, using the John Lewis (2017) advert to support them. They completed a range of writing including creating their own friendly under the bed monster. On Thursday, the children arrived in the classroom to find Moz asleep at the front, after playing in the classroom all night. He left some photos of what he had been up to, including reading an astronaut book ready for our next topic, practising his times tables and completing a reading quiz on the computer.  The children used his photos to write as Moz and explain what he had done in the classroom whilst they were asleep. Here are some of the things Moz got up to:

Moz AsleepMoz ARMoz readingMoz times tables

Last week, the children in Year 1 and 2 performed their Christmas production - Baubles. It was about a care taker who wanted to make the Christmas tree look nice in a school. He worked all day and night to make some baubles to make the tree look nice. The baubles told the story of baby Jesus being born. All of the children were amazing and we performed it to the school and to parents.  All of the children learnt the words to all of the songs and remembered them! The children learnt their lines and were very loud! Well done Years 1 and 2!
Production Photo new

This term in History, Year 2 are learning about how toys have changed over time. To link with this, in D.T, we looked at designing and creating our own finger puppets. First, the children had to research types of puppets, including string, finger and hand puppets. Next, they designed their own finger puppets using ideas from our fairytale stories we have been studying in English. The following week, the children had to use coloured felt to create their design. The children were very excited about this and tried really hard to ensure that their puppet looked like their design. Finally, the children evaluated their puppets. They thought about what materials they had used, the strengths of their puppets and how they could improve their puppet if they were going to do it again. The children had lots of fun learning about puppets and the history of toys. 

This week in year 2, each class has had a visitor. Year 2 was visited by the author Tracey Corderoy, who wrote the book 'Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam'. Tracey was reading one of her new books to the classes and then everyone had the chance to try and illustrate the book.



Year 2 had a fantastic day visiting Mountfitchet Castle. It is build to look like a Norman motte and bailey castle. The children were able to explore what life would have been like living there 900 years ago. They got to visit the blacksmiths, the jail, the surgeon, the grand hall and even the privy (medieval toilet)! They also got to see a range of animals that live at the castle. The deer, chickens and peacocks were very friendly!

All the children behaved beautifully on the trip and had a fun day out (even if we did get a little bit wet!)

IMG 0744

IMG 0748

This week Year 2 have started work on their new book 'Tadpole's Promise' by Jeanne Wallis. It is all about how tadpoles and caterpillars change over time. Ask your child what happens at the end of the book. 

Tadpoles Promise

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