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                                  Year 2 Classes


Ashtogo Hawthorn2

Our Class Teacher is Miss Corrigan

  Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Baker   

    Our Class Teacher is Mrs Bolton

       Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs O'Neill, Mrs Palmer


       Our Class Teacher is Miss Baker

       Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Marshall


This week Year 2 have started work on their new book 'Tadpole's Promise' by Jeanne Wallis. It is all about how tadpoles and caterpillars change over time. Ask your child what happens at the end of the book. 

Tadpoles Promise

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely break and are ready for the busy term ahead. Our topic this term is 'Once Upon a Time...' We will be learning all about life in castles, kings and queens!

We were pleased to see so many of you come in to share the children's STEM activities with them. They really enjoyed celebrating their achievements and findings with you.

We hope you have a lovely Easter and we will see you on Wednesday 24th April.

The Year 2 team.

On Friday, we were so lucky to have Quantum Theatre visit us to perform 'The Half Pint Kid'. This play was set in the Wild West with cowboys and a treasure quest! We learnt all about fractions, addition, subtraction and times tables. 

All of Year 2 and Year 1 were exemplary, they listened so carefully and volunteered to join in enthusiastically. 

Thank you for visiting us!

This half term, we are learning all about the history of communication. 

We have already learnt about Egyptians creating papyrus paper and how William Caxton brought the printing press to England which revolutionised how many people could afford to read.

This week, we learnt all about morse code. We deciphered words and some of us even had a go at writing our own messges in morse code. We found that each letter of the alphabet is represented by a combination of dashes and dots. 

Why not have a go at writing your own message?


The children have been excitedly talking about their outfits for the last week... World Book Day is almost here!

Tomorrow, the children are invited to dress up as their favourite book character to celebrate how amazing reading is. 

Across the school, we will be looking at a wonderful book called 'The Journey'. It is a captivating book with simply stunning illustrations - it is a book which you could discuss for hours.  We will share some of our work once World Book Day is over...

This week Year 2 have been working hard learning all about 2D shapes. The children have thought about the shape names and properties. We have learnt and are using lots of new vocabulary such as vertices, polygon and symmetrical.

You could ask your child: 

How many shapes can you see around you?

What is the definition of a polygon? 

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