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                                  Year 2 Classes


Ashtogo Hawthorn2

Our Class Teacher is Miss Corrigan

  Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Baker   

    Our Class Teacher is Mrs Bolton

       Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs O'Neill, Mrs Palmer


       Our Class Teacher is Miss Baker

       Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Marshall


Year 2 had a lovely day visiting Chatteris Museum on Monday.  They learnt all about the Great Fire of Chatteris and how life has changed over the years. 

The museum also has a club for children on a Saturday morning - please see the leaflet below:

Sept 18

The first three weeks of term have flown by. We have all been so busy getting to know each other and establishing the expectations of being in Year 2. We are working hard, we are very eager and are particuarly trying to  build up our independence. 

In Maths, we have been thinking carefully about place value and in English we have used an amazing book about the Great Fire of London to promote discussion, writing and role play. 

Great Fire of London

Keep it up Hawthorn, Ash and Holly Class! 

welcome1819Below are some of the activities from 2017-2018

Year 2 had a very busy time last week! 

On Monday, Elys Dolan, the author and illustrator of the book 'Weasels' came to share her book with us and teach us how to draw our very own weasels! 

On Tuesday, Gordon Thorpe from March Museum came to visit us and tell us all about the Soham rail disaster. 

On Wednesday morning, we were invited by Mrs Horn to visit Cromwell Academy to take part in some dance and drama sessions.  Afterwards we got to play on their huge field, have some juice and two biscuits! 

Finally on Wednesday afternoon Quantum Theatre came in and shared a play with us all about habitats and the animals that live there.

IMG 0153IMG 0084quantum

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Hamerton Zoo on Friday.  They loved seeing all of the animals and learning about where they come from.  

During their teaching session the children learnt about how animals are adapted to their habitats.  They especially enjoyed meeting Alfie the parrot, Stevie the skunk and holding Oreo the bearded dragon.

The children were very well behaved throughout the day and we even had members of the public comment on their fantastic behaviour!

Alfie Stevie
Oreo Tiger


The children have responded well to their first week of SATs tests.  They really enjoyed their breakfast, treats and 'magic memory mints'!  We've re-stocked for tomorrow and Wednesday ready for our last two papers.


As a team we are very proud of all the children - especially how they have coped with the test conditions.  Thank you for all your support during this time.  We hope you all enjoy a well earned break next week!

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