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Our Class Teacher is Mrs Baker

  Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Murphy   

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Wright

  Our Teaching Assistant is Miss McKenzie 



Kingsfield School has invested in a new scheme called "Maths No Problem". The children have really been enjoying working collaboratively together to solve the "In Focus" task and working independently in their work books. They have been encouraged to use a variety of strategies including using practical equipment.

You might remember using these resources when you was at school! 

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We had lots of fun and learnt lots of interesting facts about Chatteris on our trip to Chatteris Museum.  Did you know that Chatteris was first called Cedriz coming from the words for (wood) and (Stream).  Did you know the Iron Age people were the first to settle here?  We also learnt that Ely is called Ely because of the fact that they were able to catch lots of eels in this area.  These were sent to London were they were eaten as a delicacy.

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Below are some of the activities from 2017-2018

What do plants need to keep healthy?

3CB have been planning and carrying out science experiments to see whether plants need leaves to grow. We had 2 plants, the same size at 14cm. We took the leaves off plant 2 . We put them in the same place and gave them the same amount of water.

Today we measured them to find out that plant 1 had grown and was 16cm (grown 2cm) and that plant 2 hadn't grown! We can conclude that plants do need leaves to grow. 

IMG 0194 IMG 0197

 Life Bus

Last week 3CB went on the life bus and we talked about our bodies and brain with a lady called Tina. She told us about the good things that benefit our bodies: (exercise, water and healthy foods, oxygen and sleep) and things that have a negative effect on our bodies (alcohol, drugs, junk food)..  She showed us a model of a body called Tam, and we thought about all the organs including; heart, liver, lungs and intestines inside our bodies. She also showed us some medicines and one was a syringe.  She asked what we should do if we found one in the street.  Someone said pick it up and put it in the bin.  She told us that this was a very bad idea as the syringe could hurt us.  Even if we have gloves on!  Then we said a rhyme “Don’t Touch – Tell”.  This means that we should not touch it but tell an adult who can ring the Council.  The Council have special people who can come and pick it up.  This was reinforced back in the classroom.

Then we met a giraffe called Harrold.  Harrold was upset because his friends had fallen out.  We watched a video of two boys falling out and we had to make suggestions about how the boys could become friends again.  We can to the conclusion that the boys should apologise to each other and give each other another chance.

The children really enjoyed the experience!


This week in Maths the children have been learning about statistics (collecting data).

We have interpreted pictograms and then drawn our own favourite fruits, the favourite was apples and the least favourite pears. We have interpreted bar graphs and then created one on flavours of crisps.The most popular was prawn cocktail.

MATHS IMG 0maths


We have also been busy learning our lines and making our own Roman shields, in preparation for our class assembly this week.  We are looking forward to presenting our class assembly to you all on Friday. See you all there!

IMG megan

Year 3 children took part in a fantastic Roman Workshop today, which provided a wealth of facts and knowledge to help contribute to their new topic “The Romans.”    

Children got to partake in several battle re-enactments, using tactics, formations and spear throwing to help fight against their enemy. Each child was supplied with a trusty shield, sword, helmet and pilums.

Other educational activities took place throughout the day in the classroom. Children were asked to work cooperatively in groups as archaeologists using the equipment provided to dig through soil to find interesting detailed artifacts. We then made observational sketches of them.

A heated debate was also held. One group argued FOR the Romans being allowed to enter into Briton and the other group AGAINST the Romans being allowed into Briton. They argued their case to Boudicca (Queen of the Iceni tribe - Briton) and Caratacus (Chieftain of the Catuvellauni - Roman).

We found out that Romans invented and contributed to many useful inventions used in Britain to this day! Did you know that Romans invented wine, the calendar, paved streets and pavements, irrigation and public notices? The Romans made the first long roads and were the inventors of the the famous the M1 motorway. Roads were usually built on a hill so that they were never ambushed by surprise.

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Year 3 finished their Spring Term topic, Stones & Bones with a trip to the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences where the children were able to see up to two million fossils, minerals and rocks – lucky enough to even handle some of these ancient artefacts.

A trip to the nearby Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology also meant the children could examine local antiquities and archaeological artefacts from around the world – this was one trip that really ‘rocked!’

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On the 1st March both Year 3 classes had a fun day dressing up as their favourite book character. There was a wide variety of costumes and I’m sure you will enjoy looking at them and working out which character is which.

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As part of world book week all classes have been working with their class teachers and teaching assistants to create exciting and inviting book corners. These book corners were then entered into a competition across the school to see which class had the best one. All the book corners looked amazing! A member of staff from Cromwell Academy came to judge. We found out on Friday 2nd March that we had created the best book corner. 3CB were thrilled to win and have continued to enjoy using the Jungle Book corner to read and explore.

Feel free to come in to our class to check it out! We look forward to buying some new books for the class with our very generous prize.

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