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Cedartogo Birchtogo

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Baker

  Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Murphy   

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Wright

  Our Teaching Assistant is Miss McKenzie 



Kingsfield School dressed up today for World Book Day. We were delighted to see so many characters from famous childrens books.

We were so inspired by famous authors that we wrote our own imaginative stories. 


IMG 1315

IMG 1318

IMG 1323

IMG 1342IMG 1341

The children really enjoyed the French Cultural day as you will see from the photographs and recount.

IMG 1206IMG 1210

IMG 1203 Copy

IMG 1218

IMG 1345



With the appearance of Homo eructus (upright man) came the invention of fire. He is probably better known as Neanderthal Man. This is because he was around in the Neanderthal era. The 3rd period in the Stone Age.

On Wednesday morning, Mrs Baker and Mrs Wright organised a Stone Age activity, on how the Neanderthal man made fire using wood, stone and steel! 

The lesson was presented by Mr Stanbridge (our own Neanderthal man) who showed us how to use a bow, spindle and bearing block along with back-breaking friction (on average takes 35 minutes!). 

IMG 0751fire


The 2nd technique he hit an gate stone and steel together causing small sparks. After he added some material the children could see the embers lighting the material and making fire, which they thought was very clever.

IMG 0025

The 3rd method was using a ferrocium rod which made very noticeable sparks. The children were very excited, as the sparks were even more noticable.

IMG 0789

The 4th technique was using a parabolic mirror which you had to direct towards the sun so that the heat was transferred on to the chunga (Fungus) and the King Alfred’s Cake (Fungus found primarily on beech or ash trees).

IMG 1036fungus

After the lesson the children were then told not to play with fire and that the equipment used was only to be handled by adults in a safe environment.


Year 3 visit from Reverend Wendy and Claire

On Tuesday 29th January Reverend Wendy and Claire from St Peter's and St Paul's church came to speak to the year 3 children about prayer and why Christians pray.

We talked about the 5 w's.

Why - to speak to a friend

What - talking to someone who loves you.

When - anytime you like.

Who - God and Jesus.

Where - anywhere you like.


We were handed a teaspoon (TSP).As an aid to thinking about types of prayers: thank you / sorry / please.

We were given a paper hand on which we wrote our own prayer.

Finally, we sang a song with Claire. She also played the guitar. The song was "Prayer is like a telephone".

IMG 0976


IMG 0979


Year 3 have been looking at word problems in Maths. We have been focusing on length, solving problems using "Maths No Problem" methods, Dienes and our times tables. 

IMG 1043


This is the word problem that was presented to the class before they were shown how to work it out.

IMG 1041

Dienes are being used  to divide 81 into 3 groups equally.

IMG 1042

We also used re-grouping to share the 81 between 3.

We used our times table knowledge to do this.

IMG 1045   


The children in Cedar class have been writing poems for the Premier League Primary Stars programme called 'Beautifully Different, Wonderfully the same'.

Here are a few poems that the children have written, about diversity in their class.


IMG 0827

IMG 0826

IMG 0825


Today, Lyall's Grandad (Dave), who used to be a Baptist Minister came in to tell us about his work and life. He told us that minister is another way of saying 'servant'. His job was to help people hear what God was saying. He has never worn a dog collar as he feels this puts up a barrier. It was a very hard job, he was never off duty.

IMG 0375

IMG 0374

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