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                                  Year 3 Classes


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Our Class Teacher is Mrs Baker

  Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Murphy   

    Our Class Teacher is Miss Dodson

 Our Teaching Assistants are Miss McKenzie and Mrs O'Neill



On the 1st March both Year 3 classes had a fun day dressing up as their favourite book character. There was a wide variety of costumes and I’m sure you will enjoy looking at them and working out which character is which.

IMG 0254 IMG 0252

As part of world book week all classes have been working with their class teachers and teaching assistants to create exciting and inviting book corners. These book corners were then entered into a competition across the school to see which class had the best one. All the book corners looked amazing! A member of staff from Cromwell Academy came to judge. We found out on Friday 2nd March that we had created the best book corner. 3CB were thrilled to win and have continued to enjoy using the Jungle Book corner to read and explore.

Feel free to come in to our class to check it out! We look forward to buying some new books for the class with our very generous prize.

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On Monday 12th March Class 3CB were shown the functions of the spinal column. We all had a straw each and a pipe cleaner. We were then asked to cut the straw into small sections to represent the sections of the spine.

Did you know that if your spine was a straight line you wouldn’t be able to bend or move your back!

IMG 0036


This week we have been learning about bones in the human skeleton. Bone names are given scientific and non-scientific names:

Skull = Cranium

Kneecap= Patella

Collar bone = Clavicle

Did you know ?

We have 206 bones in the human body, the smallest bone is in your ear.  There are 27 bones in each hand, and 26 bones in each foot!  We also learnt that some bones (ribs and skull) protect vital organs in our bodies.  If we didn't have bones we would be a big blob of jelly!  Bones also help us stand up straight and move.

IMG 0029

3CB have been making models of round  houses. The children constructed them out of card and art straws. The straws were cut to size and placed on the roof, once dried they were painted to replicate straw.  They decorated the walls to look like a stone wall, just like it would of been back in the Stone age/ Iron age.IMG 0073

IMG 0075



Year 3 enjoyed carrying out an experiment on different soils including compost, peat, grit and a mixture of peat and grit, compost and grit. To make it a fair test we had the same amount of soil, poured in the same amount of water, and left them to drain for the same amount of time. We recorded the measurements at 2 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minute intervals. The variables were the different soils. We made prediction and recorded the results in a table. 

We can conclude that the peat and grit mix had the best drainage.  Some of our predictions were correct but some were not.

IMG 0198


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