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Our Class Teacher is Mrs Mills

  Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Harvey and Miss Murphy   

Our Class Teachers are Mrs Dickinson and Ms Newlove

  Our Teaching Assistant is Ms O'Neill


      Our Class Teacher is Miss Lott

      Our Teaching Assistants is Mrs Marshall


Year 3 had a really enjoyable day yesterday with their Roman Day led by some Roman Soldiers. The children learnt a lot about the Roman Army and particularly enjoyed making shields.

Roman roman2
roman3 roman4


On Friday, we went to the Church to start off our unit of work which will answer the question Why are churches special places for Christians?  We sang songs and discussed worship in a Church – that it is a place for Christians to speak to God and thank God. We were told that the Church is a group of people as well as a building and we found out about the different seasons of the Church. We also heard about some of the teachings Chriistian believe about everyone having different skills to offer the Church and some of the festivals which take place in a Church su ch as baptisms and funerals.IMG 1457JPGIMG 1429JPGIMG 1439JPGIMG 1460JPG

On Thursday 31st October, we really enjoyed a workshop learning Bollywood Dancing!rsz img 1410



Cedar Class created short pieces of drama to show different aspects of life in the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Stone Age periods. We then made a timeline across the hall of these dramas.

We learnt about how early human bodies were different to ours and thought about what this meant about the way they would have moved and the noises they would have made. We acted it out!

We created freeze frames as teams where we imagined being in a Stone Age scenario.


IMG 1308

IMG 1294

On Tuesday, it was our Stone Age Day and Year 3 had a fantastic time. Each class had a drama workshop about the key features of the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Stone Age periods. They worked really well in teams to create freeze frames and short drama pieces involving cave painting, hunting and farming. The children then went on to create a timeline across the hall of pieces of drama which showed how life changed for early humans during the Stone Age periods. Sally Spade (who ran the workshops) commented on how well behaved the children were and that she was very impressed with the knowledge they already had about the subject. In class, the children learnt about Skara Brae which is the best preserved Stone Age settlement in Western Europe!IMG 1696 min


IMG 1713 600

Last week we went outside to see what would happen when diet cola and Mentos mix together.

The children were full of ideas, with many predicting that it would "explode like a volcano!" 

Mrs Mills explained the process to the children and they waiting with baited breath:

Wow Science 1


We were all were amazed with the "explosion" that happened soon after...

Wow Science 2

The science bit:

Although there are a few different theories around about how this experiment works, the most favoured reason is because of the combination of carbon dioxide in the Diet Coke and the little dimples found on Mentos.

Fizzy drinks are bubbly because of the carbon dioxide that is pumped in when they bottle the drink at the factory. It doesn't get released from the liquid until you pour it into a glass and drink it, some also gets released when you open the lid (more if you shake it up beforehand!) This means that there is a whole lot of carbon dioxide gas just waiting to escape the liquid in the form of bubbles.

Dropping something into the Diet Coke speeds up this process by both breaking the surface tension of the liquid and also allowing bubbles to form on the surface area of the Mentos. Mentos are covered in tiny dimples (a bit like a golf ball), which dramatically increases the surface area and allows a huge amount of bubbles to form.

As part of our learning about the Stone Age, we recreated cave paintings this week using pencil, paint and chalks. 

Cave Painting 1Cave Painting 2Cave Painting 3

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