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Our Class Teacher is Mr Turner

  Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Holt   

    Our Class Teacher is Miss Rushmer

 Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Rickwood



Last week, Year 4 had an amazing trip to Burwell. We had lots of fun taking parts of a range of activities including outdoor activities. We used our orienteering skills to find our way around Burwell house. We had to use co-ordinates which we have previously learnt about in Maths so this helped support us. 

We ate lots of lovely, warm food which helped us to keep our energy up and got us ready for the rest of our day. On the first day, we went on a trip around Burwell and found out lots of facinating facts including a prison. On the first evening, we had hot chocolate and watched The Greatest Showman, which meant that there was lots of singing. 

On Thursday, we woke up bright and early and had a lovely filling breakfast. We had two activities to complete; team building and recording our very own news report. This was very fun for us and we had a chance to look at other parts of a news report such as the sound effects and using a camera. They were very expensive so we had to be very careful!!

On Thursday evening, we had some fun doing wordsearches and there were lots of fun party games!

We were very tired and we all were asleep by 10.30pm!

On our final day, we completed our orienteering and the famous 'Burwell Fox' game where the teachers were farmers and they had to catch us as foxes. We had a great time!


To start our topic on the Groovy Greeks, we visited the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to look at their exhibition on the Greeks. We had a group talk with one of the leaders in the museum who knew a lot of information about the Greeks and she helped us to identify what different objects were made of and used for. We were allowed to go round and look at the different pots and statues of different Greek Gods. We identifed how the pots were made and why they were used for different things such as drinking and making wine. 

Next, we worked in our groups to handle different Greek items such as pots, wick holders and beauty items for men and women. We had a guess at what they were used for and some of us even guessed correctly! We were very proud!

We ate our lunch together and then we went into our groups again to look at different Greek items. We had a go at sketching some of these and we specifically looked at the details in the items.

On the way back, some of us were really tired, we fell asleep on the bus! We had a fantastic time and we are really looking forward to starting our topic on the Greeks. 


We would like to welcome you all to year 4. We are extremely excited for whats to come this year. We will be regularly update this area with work that the children have completed and different activities that they have participated in. If you ever have any quieres please do come and let us know.

Mr Turner and Miss Rushmer



welcome1819Below are some of the activities from 2017-2018

Children in 4AP had such fun during French Day. Here's some of the children showcasing just one of the class's collective efforts: an 'eggstremely'adorable Henri Matisse- inspired Easter Egg- Magnifique!

French Day 1 French Day 2


On Monday, Jo Richardson, a dental nurse, delivered an interesting and factual talk to both classes.  It was an opportunity for pupils to share their newly acquired knowledge and also learn more by asking an expert.

Jo brought into school information posters, models of teeth and examples of braces.  Healthy eating and drinking was also a feature of her workshops.  Pupils and staff were amazed at how much 'hidden sugar' were in everyday drinks.  

We are very grateful of all the time and effort that was put into preparing for this valuable experience for the children.  Thank you.

Everyone now knows how important it is to look after their smile.

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4AP have really enjoyed answering the question "How are you?" in French.  Here is some of their fabulous work!


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