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                                   Year 5 Classes


Pinetogo Willowtogo

Our Class Teacher is Miss Thomas

  Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Glendening  

    Our Class Teachers are Mrs Riggall and Miss Lott

       Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Collins



Welcome to Year 5!

This term, our topic is Temples, Tombs and Treasures where we will be learning all about ancient Egypt.

Our big question for this term is "what is the significance of the afterlife for the Egyptians?" and we have already been learning lots about the process of mummification as part of our English text "The Story of Tutankhamun."As part of our History topic, we will soon be learning about Egyptian gods and goddesses, the importance of pyramids and we will even be doing some mummifying of our own! 

welcome1819Below are some of the activities from 2017-2018

We have made an awesome strart to the term investigating our Ancient Egyptian topic. Drop in and have a look at our lovely art work or have a read of our fabulous fact files.


In 5AT this week, we have been beginning to look at space as part of our topic ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’

In Art, we have been using Jackson Pollock’s techniques as inspiration to create Solar System scenes.

In Science, we have been discussing different theorist’s views – is the Earth flat or spherical? Next week, we will be writing a letter to a flat Earth theorist, using scientific evidence to try and persuade them that the Earth is spherical!

Finally, in History, we have been learning all about the race between the USA and the USSR to become the first people in space.


space scene


We will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.

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