Our Curriculum

The school curriculum has been designed from Nursery through to Year 6.  The Nursery curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage national framework. The children are at the centre of the curriculum and we begin by learning all about ourselves, things we enjoy doing, our friends, foods we like to eat and our feelings.   There is a great emphasis on the enjoyment of books, singing and nursery rhymes and the development of key vocabulary. The children have the opportunity to read key texts such as 'Things I like' by Anthony Browne, 'The Tiger who came to tea' by Judith Kerr and 'Elmer's friends' by David McKee. 

Later in the term, the curriculum moves onto looking at the toys that the children enjoy playing with, both in school and at home. They will focus on books relating to toys such as 'Kipper's Toybox' by Mick Inkpen and 'Where's my Teddy?' by Jez Alborough. The children will develop their vocabulary relating to toys and will learn though their interactions with the toys.

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