We are currently taking part in two oracy projects through the Active Learning Trust.  One is a research-based project where will be developing practice across multiple schools.  Our aim is to formulate a common language journey for children attending a Trust-led school in Chatteris.  We hope that this will be aspirational in developing children's language acquisition and application.

Currently, three members of the senior leadership team are working on developing an oracy plan to roll out and lead across the school.



At Kingsfield Primary School, we recognise how vital spoken language skills are for children and we want to equip them with the tools they need to be heard, not just in school, but in their future career and life. The ability to speak eloquently, articulate ideas and thoughts, collaborate with peers and have the confidence to express your views are all vital life skills that support success in learning and life in general. It is our intention at Kingsfield, that children will develop these key skills during their time with us.


From the very first days in school, speaking and listening play a large part in a child’s progress in all curriculum areas and teachers plan to develop these skills in a wide variety of ways.

Throughout school, children are engaged in a variety of planned oracy experiences which include:

  • drama;
  • talking partners;
  • listening to stories;
  • reading lessons;
  • preparation for writing;
  • visiting speakers;
  • giving and receiving instructions;
  • paired/collaborative work;
  • problem solving in maths;
  • and the presentation of learning.


Our oracy curriculum is also enriched by opportunities for children to develop their oracy skills outside of the curriculum, including (but not limited to):

  • assemblies;
  • class assemblies;
  • school council and other pupil voice activities;
  • and extra-curricular and year group productions.


By the time they leave us, our children will be able to speak with confidence, clarity and eloquence. They will recognise the importance of listening in conjunction with speaking and are confident in the value of their own opinions. The children will be able adapt their use of language for a range of different purposes and audiences.

Our children will be able to share their learning in an engaging, informative way through presentations, recitals, drama, poetry and debate.