Subject Leader within the school is:  Miss. Payne



At Kingsfield, the intent of our D.T. curriculum is to provide opportunities for children to learn, apply and strengthen essential skills required in the designing, making and evaluating of an effective product for a given purpose. D.T. lessons will inspire children to think independently and innovatively, and will develop creative, procedural and technical understanding.


Our D.T. curriculum is built around five key elements: mechanisms, construction, food technology, textiles and electrical systems. Each area is revisited throughout the school, building the upon the children’s prior knowledge and understanding of each element. Throughout each area, children will be exposed to a wide range of media including textiles, food and woodwork.


Our D.T. curriculum is enriched, wherever possible, through links to work in other curriculum areas such as mathematics, science, computing and art.  Children have regular exposure to experts within our community, including the local community college and our curriculum is enhanced through the use of visits and visitors.


Our curriculum aims to ensure that children leave Kingsfield with the skills, knowledge and understanding to discriminating and informed consumers and potential innovators. It will enable children to develop a greater awareness and understanding of how everyday products are designed and made.