At Kingsfield it is our intent that children will be able to communicate their knowledge, ideas and thoughts through their writing. We aim for children to develop the skills to write for a range of purposes across the curriculum (with a clear awareness of audiences) developing accuracy in spelling, grammar and punctuation. They should learn to write in a range of genres including narrative, report, explanation, persuasion, discussion and poetry. Appropriate and challenge vocabulary is taught and used across the curriculum. We believe that all pupils should be encouraged to take pride in the presentation of their writing by developing a continuous cursive handwriting style by the time they move to secondary school.


At Kingsfield, our writing links directly to the class books that we are reading and these are linked, where possible to the humanities that the children are studying that term. When studying each book, the children will learn about genres of writing that relate to the book. They will be immersed in this type of writing, learning how to replicate the features, exploring the writing structure and identifying the purpose and audience. A strong focus is placed on handwriting and time is given daily to the development of this important skill.


At Kingsfield, our writing curriculum is enriched through the use of high quality texts and shared class novels which capture the children’s interests and engage them in writing. Where possible, writing is given a real purpose and the children are provided with the opportunity to write from first-hand experience through the use of visits and visitors.


Children at Kingsfield will have developed writing skills so that they have the stamina and ability to write at the age expected standard. It is our intention that children will become fluent, independent writers who are able to express their thoughts and exchange ideas through writing and to see themselves as authors.