Subject Leader within the school is:  Mrs. Walker



At Kingsfield, our aim is for a high quality history curriculum which inspires a curiosity and fascination about the past.  It is our intention for children to develop a well-rounded knowledge of the past and its events and to improve their cultural capital, understanding of the world around them and their own heritage.


Our history curriculum develops both historical skills and knowledge. Children have opportunities to investigate and interpret the past, understand chronology and communicate historically. The curriculum is centred round the development of an understanding of the rich historical heritage of the area in which we live, including the school itself and enables children to build an overview of local history, the wider local community, Britain’s past and the past of the wider world.


The history curriculum is enriched through the use of school-based historical events, visits to places of significance in the local area, trips to museums and sites of historical relevance and presentations by visitors. All of these activities provide the children with the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and understanding and to develop skills which can be utilised within their learning at Kingsfield.


The aim of our curriculum is ensure children leave Kingsfield equipped with the historical skills and knowledge that will enable them to be ready for the curriculum at secondary school and for life as an adult in the wider world.  They will have a coherent knowledge and understanding of their own historical heritage, Britain’s past and that of the wider world and will have developed a curiosity to know more about this subject as they move into Key Stage Three.